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Virtual Choir Project



To continue our ceaseless worship,

Join us to sing, to encourage, to praise!

How it works

Taking part is easy! All you need are our resources, a smartphone or device capable of recording video, and some headphones!

Click here to join the project.

The Schedule

  • Wed Oct 21 Open for registration

  • Sat Oct 31 (8-9pm) Introduction Webinar

  • Sun Nov 15 Submissions Close

  • The final video will be released in late November.

The Song

Click here for a brief description about the song - 主是我力量

The Score

The score for 主是我力量 is available for download here.​


If you have any question, please contact Ivan Ho at

The Learning Tracks

These learning tracks below are to help you learn your part.

Click here to know about learning and recording resources

Let’s get started and offer your praise and worship at Home!

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