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Virtual Choir Project



To continue our ceaseless worship,

Join us to sing, to encourage, to praise!

Learning and Recording Resources

You're welcome to take part in this project in whatever way you feel comfortable, and every part of this project is optional. If you don’t want to submit a recording that is OK.

How do I Record

  • The video must be recorded in landscape

  • Record in a quiet space

  • No background noise

  • Be careful with page turns (if any)

  • Plug your headphones into the device which is playing the guide track (this could be a computer, a tablet or even another smartphone!)

  • Hit "record video" on your smartphone

  • Follow the guide track to clap your hands in order to sync your singing with the rest of the track

  • Record yourself singing your part in Mandarin along to the guide track

You Will Need

  • A smartphone

  • A second device to play the guide track (e.g. computer or tablet)

  • Some headphones

How to Submit Video

  • You will be able to upload your videos

  • Please specify your voice part on the file name of the video

  • Please submit your video here

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