Virtual Character Building Camp - Frequently Asked Questions  

How does virtual Character Building Camp work?

Campers will have unlimited access to Camp content via Google Classroom throughout the 5-day camp. Campers can follow our Camp’s recommended timetable to structure their day, or adjust the schedule on your own.
There are two live sessions every day. In the morning, campers will meet children of similar age in a small online class to review the day’s lesson and play educational games. In the afternoon, all campers will meet to review the day’s activities and to see examples of completed assignments (e.g., crafts, projects, etc.)
When you register, you will be asked how you want to receive your resource kit (i.e., pick-up or by mail – please note there are additional charges if choosing ‘by mail’). The kit contains materials needed for our lessons. Campers can work with the material supplied as they view lesson videos. Campers are encouraged to upload pictures of their works to us by 9am the following morning. At 3:30 pm, campers will enjoy wrapping up the day by watching a compilation of exemplary works submitted by fellow campers.

What does the camp fee include?

The camp fee includes a resource kit which campers can use for their lessons. The resource kit includes student worksheets, craft material (please provide your own glue/coloring pencils etc.), character cards, and coloring contest sheets.
The cost of our material is $30.00 per package. Postage is an additional $20.00. We encourage parents to pick up the materials from our church to save cost.

Is there a daily timetable for parents to reference to?

New classroom videos produced by our camp will be released every morning at 9:00 am during the Camp. Campers may decide on their own daily schedule, but we have provided a recommended schedule below for your reference:

How does the Camp use Google Classroom?

We use Google Classroom to show videos and slideshows. Campers can send us their works by uploading pictures via Google Classroom.

How do I access the Camp’s Google Classroom?

Each registered camper is assigned a secure login and password to access the content of our Camp. You may follow the login steps to access our online resources from your own electronic device. This account will be deactivated at the end of our Camp (i.e., after the 5 days).

What about online security?

Our Camp has restricted online access to registered staff and registered campers only. Our material is circulated only internally and within the Google Classroom platform. Content of our Camp should not be shared with anyone outside of the camp in any form, either electronically or physically. Our Camp will monitor the content uploaded and released. We reserve all rights to remove inappropriate materials at any time. To provide a safe and positive live session experience, our Camp reserves the right to remove participants who persist with inappropriate language and/or disruptive behaviors. Please note that no filter or parental control functions can completely guarantee campers from accessing inappropriate online materials. We advise parental guidance when your child is using online resources.