Summer Retreat - Frequently Asked Questions  

Timetable 時間表

Is there a daily timetable for reference? 有每天的時間表可供參考嗎?

What is the lunch arrangement? 大會的午餐安排是怎樣?

All in-person attendees (full or part-time) are required to fill out an online questionnaire with lunch ordering form: . Lunch ordering cost is covered by freewill offering basis, please write “Retreat Lunch” on the offering envelope (note that there is no tax receipt to be issued). Deadline for food ordering is Friday, Aug 13 所有參與實體聚會的弟兄姊妹(全時間或部分時間)都需要填寫網上問卷,內有午餐訂餐表: 午餐訂餐費用為自由奉獻,奉獻封上請寫“夏令會午餐”(將不發退稅收條)。 訂餐截止日期為 8 月 13 日 (星期五)

What is the dinner arrangement? 大會的晚餐安排是怎樣?

There will be no dinner provided at the church, brothers and sisters are expected to arrange dinner on their own. 教堂將不提供晚餐,請弟兄姊妹自行安排晚餐。

What is the “Online Sharing Session”? 甚麼是「在線分享會」?

A Zoom session with one of the speakers will be arranged to facilitate a time to meet online, to have some sharing and Q&A time. Sign up may be required as this is an optional session, details to follow. 在線分享會是與講員互動的一個聚會,是弟兄姊妹可分享或提出問題的時候 (或需要報名)詳情再會公佈。

Registration Details 報名詳情

Why do I have to fill out registration per person instead of per household? 報名表為何不是以家庭作為一個單位而是個人為單位?

This will allow more accurate planning for each person individually. 以個人為單位是方便更準確的計劃。

When is the registration deadline? 夏令會將在何時截止報名?

July 18, 2021. 七月十八日為截止報名日期。

How can I check my registration status after submission? 如何知道我已經報了名?

Our committee will send out an email with your registration information on or before the deadline. 大會會發出電郵確認報名詳情。

How can I make changes to the registration? 若報名後有任何更改,應如何 ?

You can contact the committee staff through or use the inquiry page to make changes after registration submission. 您可以通過 聯絡大會職員或使用查詢頁面 在提交註冊後進行更改。

Can I sign up for half day?  Or mixed attendance (for example: morning in-person and afternoon on-line)? 我可以參與部分聚會嗎? 如上午出席實體聚會,下午出席在線聚會?

Please register on the form, and note down on the “Special Needs” under step 5. 可以,請在報名表第五部份特別需要中列明。

Is there any registration fee for retreat? 夏令會需要報名費嗎?

No. Summer Retreat is on a free-will offering basis. 夏令會奉獻採用自由奉獻形式。

Others 其他

Can I join the meetings online?  我可以在線參加聚會嗎?

In-person attendance is recommended. However, online attendance may be applicable if you have children under 13 years old as Children Program will NOT be provided. 大會鼓勵弟兄姊妹參加實體聚會。如家中有13歲以下幼童可選擇出席在線聚會因今年不設兒童節目。

Do you have Mandarin translations? 大會設有普通話翻譯嗎?

Please join the sermons through the provided zoom link from the notice to delegates or the booklet. Real-time translations will be provided when the “Mandarin” channel is selected. 請通過入營須知或營冊中提供的 Zoom 鏈接參加講道。當選擇“普通話”頻道時,大會將提供實時翻譯。

Will there be sermon replay provided? 大會設有講道重温嗎?

Sermon replay would be available through the provided YouTube links from the notice to delegates or the booklet. 講道重温YouTube 鏈接將在入營須知或營冊中提供 。

Will there be Children Program provided? 大會設有兒童節目嗎?

No, there won't be Children Program provided this year. 今年夏令會將不設兒童節目。

Does the retreat have any special policies/ guidelines for covid? 夏令會在疫情下有沒有特別的政策和手則?

Retreat in-person gathering policy will be the same as the church’s meeting policy. Please refer to church guidelines for more details. 夏令會實體聚會的政策和手則跟教會實體聚會一樣。詳情請參閱教會政策。